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Woman with Rosehips Authentic Matryoshka Zoom

Woman with Rosehips Authentic Matryoshka Russian Dolls, Set of 5

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Russian Matryoshka Dolls

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Product Description


    • Matryoshka Set with hand decorated highlights of gold and rosehips
    • Traditional Russian Hand Crafted Dolls, finished with a gloss varnish
    • The dolls are standard sized, 2 cm for the smallest doll and 10 cm for the largest doll


    The famous Russian nesting dolls, or Matryoshkas, are made in Russia since the 1880's. Crack/Pull dolls open and more and more dolls appear. Russian Matryohka Dolls are hand painted showing variations in design.

    The principle of Matryoshka, as a set of nested dolls was borrowed from ancient Japan. A Russian merchant once brought to Moscow a bone-carved image of a Japanese sage called Fukuruma which nested several other images inside thus symbolising the everlasting chain of life.

    Nowadays there are three centres of production of original Matryoshkas, Sergiev Posad near Moscow and Semenov and Gorodetz, both Nizhny regions.

    Tip: How to open the dolls? You have to 'break' the dolls, it is advised not to twist them open. Every time you twist a doll to open it up, you are actually grinding down the edges of the doll's upper and lower parts. Over time the doll may become too loose to handle, falling apart as soon as it is lifted up!

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    Age 5+
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